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Art MacPherson Comminution Award to Rob McIvor

Comminution is the cornerstone of most processes to achieve separation of valuable minerals from the gangue minerals. As well it is the main regulator for throughput and a major consumer of energy. As such improving efficiency is critical for the future. The Art MacPherson award is not awarded every year. However, we are fortunate this year to present the award at the CMP Annual Meeting to Robert McIvor of Metcom Technologies.

Rob has published numerous papers on topics of comminution and has been an active participant in assisting with mineral processing conferences and contributing to the discussion of the presentations. He has demonstrated leadership and has an in-depth understanding of comminution theory and the MacPherson SAG technology. Rob has developed training for industry with Metcom's Engineering and Management System for Plant Grinding Operations and he is the creator of the Functional Performance Equation for the analysis and improvement of operating ball mill circuits.




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