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Program Development & Features
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Training Program Development and Features

  • The intial Training Program took 3 years to develop. After the system was structured using instructional design specialists, every module was prototype tested and underwent several revisions before final issue.

  • The complete Training Program covers all the steps to implement the Metcom Grinding Process Management System.

  • Development of the intial Program was sponsored by a consortium of mining and service companies and the governments of Canada and Quebec.

  • A large percentage of training sales revenue is reinvested into ongoing program developments, so participants can continue to learn and benefit as the program improves and expands.

  • It is self-taught, self-paced, interactive learning. Try the sample to experience how the training works.

  • Certification testing verifies learner comprehension.

  • Available to date in English French and Spanish.

  • Endorsed by McGill University; Energy, Mines and Resources Canada; Mining Association of Canada; Ontario Hydro.

  • Accredited for continuing education credits (CEU’s) with the Engineering Institute of Canada.

  • A Participant Guide presents information on the contents and form of the Program, certification, ownership, rights and support services.

  • A Documentation Guide provides the structure for collecting, filing and organizing all the data and information that is needed to implement the Metcom System.

  • An Administrator Guide is issued to those organizations that elect to supervise the training through an on-site administrator.

  • Participants apply what they learn in their plants, performing the same data collection and analyses as in the modules, as they work their way through the training.

  • Individual modules vary from less than one hour, to about four hours, to complete. The total program learning time is approximately 60 hours.

  • Each program is issued to a specified individual. Training can be for one person or there can be a Curriculum of Study for plant technical and management personnel.

  • Special Topic Programs focus on specific unit operations or tasks.

  • A lower cost alternative to attending offsite training courses.

  • Application of new skills on the job provides immediate payback. Cost savings are being measured in the millions of dollars.

  • Easily accessible to users anywhere they can go on-line: at work, at home or on the road.

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